The Australian Government will offer everyone in Australia a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in Australia. The DFAT encourages all Australia Awards scholars to have the COVID-19 vaccination. Please check the Department of Health’s website to find out who is currently eligible. Make sure you retain the COVID-19 vaccine certificate, as you may require it for future travel.



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Extension Requests. Awardees who have completed their scholarship and are due to travel back home but are impacted by travel restrictions may remain in Australia until restrictions are lifted. Institutions will request extensions for those awardees for their study periods and assist with visa arrangements - this will ensure that awardees are receiving their contribution to living allowance and health insurance cover until they are able to return home.


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The Australia Awards Scholarship Policy Handbook has been updated and the 2020 edition is now available. Major changes are detailed in the document entitled Table of Changes to the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook.